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Weekend getaway

From 50K to 1.5 M, I have sold people waterfronts or ranches for a “weekend getaway”. What is it that your heart desires/requires. I love it when people tell me, “I feel so relaxed here”.
Lake Fork, and Lake Tawakoni areas are great for Waterfronts. There are several other lakes around as well, if you are looking for a waterfront. You can expect to pay more money for one, than you would for a single family home. The difference is the worth of the dirt under the house. So a 1500 sqft home that would normally sell for $200K, could be $300K on a lake. So keep that in mind when looking. The better the water (view, depth) the higher the price. A local bank is also a good choice for a lender, because they are already familiar with the lakes and what they represent.
Just give me a call and I will help you understand all the ins and outs to buying a weekend getaway. You will love it, once you get it!

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