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Hot hot hot – market, how to win the home you want

The market is nuts right now, houses that have been on the market for 186 days all of a sudden have 3 offers on them.
Land that has sat for months has the same problem.
How do you win, when things like that happen to you…….?
First things first – know your market, have an agent that knows it like the back of their hand!
Right now we have too many buyers and not enough inventory.
I recommend that you send a letter with a picture of you or you and your family, with all of the reasons why you love the place. Send a clean offer with as little requirements to the seller as possible. If you have to have closing costs, raise the sales price to cover them, so the seller doesn’t come out of pocket because you were not prepared to be able to pay them.
Once you have landed the home you love, you will have many things to do still to keep it all together, so please email or call me and I will go over it all with you!
We can win, I almost always do……….;-)

Tips –
Home inspections and the importance of them.
After you have made your offer and it was accepted, you will need to hire an inspector before you start packing your bags to move in…..
A lot can be found on a house that seemingly looks great.
I tell my clients this is one of the most important things you will need to do, to ensure you are making a wise investment.
They will check around 1600 different systems on the home.
Grounds, Structure, Roof, Exterior walls, Windows, Doors, Trim, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Bathroom fixtures, Kitchen Equipment & fixtures, Garage doors and openers, Foundation, Interior walls and a lot more.
They will give us a report, and then we will negotiate repairs with the seller.
I tell my clients not to sweat the small stuff, i.e. a reverse polarity plug, a cracked tile. We need to focus on the Big 5.
If we can get that all taken care of, the other small things can be fixed inexpensively, or even by the seller or buyer themselves.