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How do I get Ready to sell

I would love to be able to come over and help you understand what might need to be done to get your home or ranch on the market. Sometimes it helps having someone who isn’t close to the situation give some feedback. What I can tell you right now is…….
Make sure the house has great walk up appeal.
Have the interior clean with as little “knickknacks” as possible
Remove personal photos – reason we do this is the people will look at your pictures and not at the house, and speculate why you are leaving…….human nature.
Wash all the doors and light switches – Paint if needed, most people overlook this, when getting ready to sell.
Make sure all the lighting fixtures have working light bulbs in them, and that they all work.
There is quite a bit more to it, but this is a start. Give me a call, and I will come over and help you!