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Hot hot hot – market, how to win the home you want

The market is nuts right now, houses that have been on the market for 186 days all of a sudden have 3 offers on them. Land that has sat for months has the same problem. How do you win, when things like that happen to you…….? First thin...

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Weekend getaway

From 50K to 1.5 M, I have sold people waterfronts or ranches for a “weekend getaway”. What is it that your heart desires/requires. I love it when people tell me, “I feel so relaxed here”. Lake Fork, and Lake Tawakoni areas are grea...

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Buying East Texas Land

I love land, and all that it has to offer. You can raise animals, you can grow hay or trees, you can hunt. The possibilities of land are incredible, not only for the aforementioned, but as an investment as well. The longer you hold it, the m...

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How do I get Ready to sell

I would love to be able to come over and help you understand what might need to be done to get your home or ranch on the market. Sometimes it helps having someone who isn’t close to the situation give some feedback. What I can tell you righ...

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